1935-1948 Dropped Steering Arms

1935-1948 Dropped Steering Arms


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These forged steel aftermarket bolt on steering arms fit all 1937-1948 spindles. This style arm is the kind most commonly used on 1935-1948 front ends with dropped front axles.

These steering arms bend downward, so that the steering tie rod fits below the front radius rod/wishbone. For most 4" inch dropped axles, the arms on the original Ford spindles are not long enough to be heated and bent down as far as necessary to clear the radius rod/wishbone. Many people will cut the arms off of their original spindles and use these arms for that application.

* If you require that your tie rod fit above the front radius rod/wishbone you can use our other steering arms with part number "B-3134", the arms bend upward a small amount.

* These spindles drop down 4" inches from the center of the bolt holes where they bolt to the spindle, to the bottom part of the arm, where the tie rod bolts onto them.