Hot Rod Spindles (Pair)

Hot Rod Spindles (Pair)


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These are new aftermarket replacement spindles for 1937-1941 Fords. These are the most commonly used spindles for hot rods, or when converting your car over to hydraulic brakes.

Spindles are sold WITHOUT castle nuts and washers. These spindles come without bushings, so the kingpin bushing kit required with use of these spindles is sold separately and uses part number "78-3111-K".

* Original spindles have the steering arms cast into the spindle, these new spindles require the use of bolt on steering arms. For steering arms we offer two different styles, an arm that bends upward which are commonly used in 1928-1934 Fords with dropped axles, where the tie rod is above the front radius rod/wishbone. The second style steering arm is the 1935-1948 style, which drops the arm a large amount lower, so the tie rod of the steering can fit below the front radius rod/wishbone.

Steering arms are sold separately and use part number "B-3134" for the 1928-1934 style or part number "48-3134" for the 1935-1948 style.

* For people looking for original Ford spindles, please call us or email us, we have many good sets of original spindles from all different years.